Nook is Barnes’ and Noble ‘s digital tablet ebook. It was developed as an alternative to the Kindle sequence from Amazon. Nook is common with those who want to read on a mobile device their favorite books and documents. You must recharge your Nook periodically to keep it going, like most electronic devices. If there is any problem you can opt for Nook Customer Service instantly. They will help you to solve the issue and keep your device fully charged. 

Charging the Nook with The Help of A Wall Charger

A battery pack contains a portable adapter and USB charging cable, is connected to each Barnes and Noble Nook. Those two elements combined comprise the wall charger. Every Nook edition requires a special USB cable; the device may be compromised with a separate cable and model. Remove the battery pack. Cut the power cord from the USB. Place the long end of the USB cable on the charger adapter head in the slot. A micro USB is the short end of the power cord. Plug the mini USB through your Nook’s micro USB slot, normally on the bottom of the Nook. Plug in a wall socket with the ac adapter. Many Nook models do not have a micro USB power cord. When that is the case, it would be bigger than the normal USB component inserted into your nook.

Wait before you charge your Nook. There’s a little LED light to indicate that your Nook is still charged. This can take 3 to 6 hours to load your gadget if your Nook is absolutely empty. The warning light will shut off when your Nook is completely charged. Take the control package from the wall and open your Nook. It can take up to 30 minutes for your indicator light to turn orange when you first recharge your Nook or your battery is completely destroyed. 

Charge A Nook With The Help of A Laptop or Computer

Although Barnes and Noble suggest charging your Nook from an electric socket, certain Nooks can be charged through your laptop. These include the following versions: Nook First Edition, Nook Simple Touch, Nook GlowLight, and Nook GlowLight Plus. Nook Tablets, Nook HD, Nook HD Plus, and Nook Color are not available to charge with a computer. Your device must know the unit in order to charge your Nook. That can only be assured if both devices are on. Upgrade your PC and Nook device. Detach the power adapter from your cable. Plug the USB cord into the USB port of your device. Attach your Nook to the reverse end of the cord. Wait for the LED light to light up this light indicates that your computer has reached and charges USB drive mode.

The LED indicator light is turned off when your Nook is fully charged. You should uninstall the Nook drive from your personal machine or unmount it if this occurs. Unplug your Nook and device with the USB power cable. It always takes longer than a power socket to charge your Nook on a device. When your Nook is attached to your device, you can start using the Nook drive from your computer system by ejecting or unmounting it. Let the Nook plugin while you’re using it.

How to Charge A Nook in Your Car?

For several of its versions, Barnes and Noble offer individual car chargers. For the following models: Nook Easy Contact, Nook GlowLight, Nook Laptop, Nook HD Plus, and Nook Paint, you can buy a charging bundle for your vehicle. Barnes & Noble is not offering Nook First Edition or Nook GlowLight Plus car chargers at this time. You may also buy a Nook-compatible car adapter and use the USB cable of your tablet. A USB power cable and a plastic cigarette charger are included in the charging kit. Cut the cord from the USB. Place the USB in the plastic adapter nose. The adapter is mounted in the light cigarette socket of your car. Remove the cover and insert the plastic charger when you have found it. Plug your Nook Charging Port with the other end of the USB cable. Switch on your engine. Switch on your radio.

The cigarette socket/receiver is in your vehicle and is a power source. This is normally in the same location as the controls on the radio and air conditioner. Usually, a cigarette illustration is on the surface of the receptacle. When the vehicle is on, your Nook should illuminate with the LED light on the charger – these lightings indicate that your Nook charges. Your Nook will charge you while you ride. Upon delivery, unplug your Nook from the power cord of the USB. Remove and remove the car charging kit from the socket of the cigarette.

If there are any charging issues with your Nook e-reader, you should contact one of the best Nook Support as soon as possible. Simply dial the Nook Customer Service Number and the professional technician will help you soon.