You should make sure that your Nook app must be updated as soon as possible whether you have an older Nook Ereader or Nook tablet. You will no longer buy eBooks and access your collection on the Nook if you don’t refresh your Nook so you’re not able to download books so possible app upgrades. Our expert Nook Support Service presents you with detailed information regarding how to update your Nook Color for the latest update the software and get various advantages. This blog contains all the essential information to update your Nook and the benefits of doing so.

Go to Settings > Device Info > About your Nook for verifying the firmware update. What you need to do to receive the upgrade is confirm that you power your Nook and Wi-Fi. Make sure even that it is not turned off; it must be in sleep mode. It will download and activate the upgrade automatically within 24 hours while your nook is in sleep mode, according to B&N. The software may even be updated manually. 

How To Manually Update The Software of  Your Nook Color Tablet

To update your Nook Color Everything you will require are:

Now transfer the downloaded Nook update to your Nook eReader device. To do so follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Attach your NOOK via the USB cord (the cord you use to charge) to your computer.
  2. In the My Computer section on Windows computer or on the monitor for Mac, a portable drive will appear.The “USB Mode” on the device will be seen in your NOOK.
  3.  Drag and drop the upgrade to your removable machine. Do not transfer it to a tab, just the central directory, otherwise it will not be changed.

When the file has been copied, securely uninstall the NOOK device.

Now Update your Nook Color with the following steps:

  1. Your NOOK can correctly remember the program and then refresh it while it is in sleep mode.
  2. Do not toggle off your NOOK whilst the latest app is being installed.
  3. Your NOOK will automatically restart until the installation is complete.
  4. When the system upgrade is full and restarted, a “N” on the bottom left status bar will be highlighted, which gives further detail where you pushed the upgrade.
  5. You will go to Settings-> Device Info-> Regarding Your NOOK and make sure that the new build is up and running and that the version number suits the current update.

Benefits of Updating the Firmware Of Your Nook eReader

When the app upgrade has been done, the NOOK restarts and shows the home screen automatically. Your specific arrangements, including your registered account credentials, video, device settings and Wi-Fi settings are preserved through the app upgrade. Nook app updating can involve repairs of found security vulnerabilities and correcting or eliminating code glitches. Updates will attach new apps and uninstall obsolete ones from your phone. While you’re here, it is a good idea to ensure that the latest version of your operating system runs. Your device will be able to easily support the new forms and formatted eBooks and you can enjoy a lot more reading.

If you are still having any confusion regarding your Nooks firmware updating process, we suggest you to directly discuss your issue with our expert professionals via dialing our toll-free Nook Customer Service Number.