Unable To Register To Kindle Device

It’s just so simple to set up and install your Kindle app with the services of a Kindle support help. But many users fail to register their account on Kindle. With the correct configuration, one can access several devices with a single Amazon account. The only condition is that the same Amazon account should be used as the Kindle account too. When the Kindle app sends the error message of user registration failed and will not update, that means something went wrong somewhere. No matter how complex this mistake is, Tab Support Help allows you to fix it in a few minutes.

Why Kindle Not Registering Error Occurs

Kindle not registering an Amazon account can be the most problematic situation for both new as well as old Kindle tab users. If you have purchased a second-hand Kindle, then to register your Kindle on your Amazon account you should first deregister the old account and then re-register your own account. Kindle customer support phone number can help you to get immediate assistance during first time registration of your Kindle or re-registering your Kindle after deregistering it. Your Kindle can not register with Amazon account for the following three conditions:

  • Poor WiFi connection or Your Kindle is not connected appropriately to your Wireless network.
  • If you are using the wrong credentials or the Amazon account name and the password you have inserted are incorrect.
  • When you use the same Amazon account that is already being used on another Kindle Ereader tab.
  • If your Kindle is registered with any other Kindle device.
  • Sometimes it can be due to some internal errors.

How To Fix Kindle Not Registering Issue

  • Instead of attempting to register your Amazon account by using the Kindle tablet try to do so by Computer. Sign on at your PC and enter the Kindle Serial number, which is promptly accessible by means of settings.
  • Restart your Kindle Fire and Wireless network setup. Connect your Kindle with Wireless internet connection in order to make and save the changes online when trying to enter your Amazon account with your Kindle.
  • Make sure you have logged out your Amazon account on another Kindle device if you were using previously.
  • If your Kindle is already registered for another Amazon account then first deregister your Ereader for that account. After that proceed to register the Kindle for your personal Amazon account.
  • Update your Amazon App or Kindle device software for the newest available version. This will help you to remove the internal errors during the device registration.
  • If nothing works from the above-mentioned fixes, or you are unsure about the solutions, simply connect with our reliable Kindle Help support.

Kindle Registration Process For New Users

If you are trying to register your brand new Kindle with Amazon account, you can do it easily via the steps mentioned below:

  • Turn on your brand new kindle Ereader tablet’s home screen. In the Menu bar tap on the Settings menu.
  • Tap on the “My Account” or “Registration” whatever option is available on your Kindle device.
  • If you already have an Amazon Account insert its credentials in the desired fields and register your Kindle.
  • If you do not own any Amazon account then tap on “Create new account” or Sign Up option. Fill the form and register your Kindle.
Kindle Registration Process For New Users

When you are looking for registering an old Kindle on your Amazon account then to de-register the previously saved account on your device:

1.) From the Home screen of your Kindle Ereader tablet, open the Settings menu and Tap “My Account” or “Registration” option as per the availability of the choices.

2.) Choose the “De-register Device”.

3.) To confirm the warning message if prompted, again tap the “De-register” button.

4.) It will free your device for another Amazon account registration. Now you can re-register the device but this time with your Amazon account credentials.

Being a client-dedicated Kindle Support Help, we provide our clients with the best technical solutions and guidelines. By implementing our suggestions you can quickly register your Kindle with your existing as well as new Amazon account to enjoy the incredible book collection, unlimited shopping, and Amazon Prime videos on Amazon Store. Our talented professional enables you to :

1.) Register your Kindle on your existing Amazon account.

2.) Register your Kindle for new Amazon account.

3.) De-register the existing account on your Kindle device.

4.) Switch from an old Kindle to New Kindle with the same Amazon account.

5.) Using the same Kindle for a different Amazon account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Meant By An Unable To Register Kindle?

If you have trouble logging your computer or apps into your Amazon account, this is known as the un-able to register Kindle error.

Why Is My Kindle Not Registering To An Amazon Account?

If your Kindle is already registered for another Amazon account, or The account you are using to register your Kindle is already assigned to another Kindle device you might face this error.

How Can I Register The Amazon Account?

In the menu bar tap Settings > Tap My Account or Registration > Insert the credentials of your Amazon account > If you still don’t have an Amazon account, then create a new account by Sign up or Add New Account option.

How To Deregister The Kindle In Amazon Account?

You can deregister your Kindle for previously registered Amazon account by Home screen > Settings > My Amazon Account > Deregistration > Deregister > OK. Now you can register it for another Amazon account.