Troubleshooting Your Kobo eReader

“Why would overdrive eBooks open on my Kobo”? “Why is my Kobo eReader not responding”? “How to fix my Kobo Clara frozen screen”, etc are some most common issues that occur with your Kobo tablet device. Every Kobo user must have to face these problems in some instances while working with his Kobo eReader tablet. These simpler looking issues can be one of the biggest headaches when you urgently want to access an eBook or planning to enjoy some outdoor events with your compact digital library. To help you with the best troubleshooting guide and provide you the best live assistance Tab Support Help offers its supreme Kobo Customer Services.

Troubling With Kobo Technical Glitches? Contact Kobo Customer Service Phone Number

As soon as you encounter any Kobo eReader error, contact our Kobo  Support Canada immediately. By adopting our most skilled experts ‘ recommended solutions, your Kobo eReader, Kobo Contact, Kobo Mini, Kobo Glo, Kobo Aura or Kobo Aura HD would certainly start functioning properly again. Also, you can avoid such issues from happening again with your device in the future.

Imagine you are reading a very interesting topic and are lost in the world of imagination. Suddenly your Kobo eReader stops responding to your commands. Your taps of fingertips, swipes of thumbs or clicks of keys all efforts are going waste. You can not switch to a different tab, show the home screen or use all of your Kobo eReader’s other functionalities. At this moment you will require the most talented and effective Kobo Tech Support.

Tab Support Help Provides The Best Assistance For Following Kobo Issues:

  • Kobo won’t turn on.
  • Kobo is not charging in spite of connecting with a Power source.
  • Kobo is not connecting to WiFi.
  • Kobo eRedaer screen frozen issue.
  • Kobo touchpad is not working properly.
  • Kobo Power button is not responding
  • Disappearing books.
  • A downloaded Kobo book is not responding.
  • Kobo is not connecting with other devices.
  • Forget the lock screen password for your Kobo device.

Our Kobo Customer Support will provide you the following Kobo troubleshooting services.

If your eReader is sluggish or does not function as you might anticipate, consider shutting it off and then switching to on again.

1.) Click and hold the power button until the Powering off-screen is shown. Switch your eReader back on when you see the Sleeping display, then start turning your eReader off again.

2.) Click and hold the power button until you have switched on your eReader.

Whether your eReader is stuck and you can not spin it off, you should charge it to achieve a certain battery level.

You should consider fixing your Kobo account if your eReader account is having issues like skipping books. You would need to have connections to a Wi-Fi network before beginning. For a larger number of books, it might take some time.

1.) Go to the Home page.

2.) Click the Menu button at the top of the page.

3.) Tap Kobo Settings.

4.) Touch Device information to select the option.

5.) Tap Repair next to Repair Your Kobo account.

6.) Then tap Repair now.

Signing Out And Again Signing In Your eReader’s Account

If you have some problems with your reading. Once Sign out from your Kobo account and Sign in again. Update your eReader so you don’t miss the most recent bookmarks, reminders, or highlights you’ve applied to your book.

1.) Turn to the Home page.

2.) Tap Home at the topmost end of the Kobo screen.

3.) Hit Settings.

4.) Select Accounts.

5.) Tap Sign-Out under Kobo.

6.) Again tap Sign out to confirm the action.

Restore Your Kobo For Factory Settings

You will restore your eReader to its original settings by performing a factory reset. You would need to customize and sync your eReader again after a factory reset. The process will:

  • Delete all books from your eReader if you do a factory reset on your eReader.
  • After a factory restore, you will require to redownload any books you bought from the Kobo Cloud.
  • Lose any bookmarks and notes you have created since you last synchronized your eReader.
  • Log out your Kobo eReader account.
  • Update all the settings and preferences.
  • The eReader defaults to its initial settings.

To Adopt A Factory Reset On Your Kobo eReader Take The Following Steps:

  • Create a backup of all your important data before initializing the Factory Reset.
  • Go to the Home page.
  • Tap Homeplace at the top of the screen.
  • Select Settings.
  • Press Device Information.
  • Under Advanced, press Factory reset. Now tap on Reset Now.

Take Help From Kobo Help Canada

Kobo Help Phone Number Canada is the simplest way to discover and connect with a Kobo expert. Any trouble that is preventing you from getting the complete access of your Kobo tablet, and spoiling your experience with your favorite eReader, You can head to our best Kobo technical support services anytime and anywhere. We are round o clock with you for troubleshooting your Kobo issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Change The PIN For My Kobo Lock Screen?

Switch to your Kobo Home page. Click the battery icon on the top of your tab screen. A menu appears on your device screen. Select  Energy-saving settings. Click Change PIN next to Change your 4-digit PIN. Type your existing PIN. Place the new PIN in. Re-enter the latest 4-digit PIN again.

What Is The Process Of Borrowing An eBook From Your Library?

Using OverDrive to rent an eBook from your public library. You can access the eBook license on your PC or Mac when you borrow an eBook collection. Copy the license le on to your Kobo eReader using Adobe Digital Versions. Launch the eBook accessible on your Kobo eReader.

How To Remove Notes From Your Books On Your Kobo eReader?

Open the Reading menu by clicking on the center of the page. Tap the more icon showing at the bottom of the page. Select Annotations. All the bookmarks, highlights and comments you’ve created before will appear on your screen. Tap and hold down the note you want to erase. Tap Remove annotation option.

What Should I Do To Manage Books On Kobo?

Browse Log in to your account. Go to your account details. Press My Account next to the Profile icon at the top right of the screen. Now hit on My Books. Further, click the More icon next to the book which you want to manage. Now select any option like Mark as unread, mark as finished, write a review as per your choice.