The Nook HD for use with its copy-restricted proprietary (DRM) files or other archives is a 3rd generation color tablet email / medium player from Barnes & Noble. They succeeded the Nook Tablet, and on November 8, 2012 It was released. With lots of amazing features, Nook HD is a special eReader itself. If you want to know more about the NOOK HD”s screen. Features and battery life, feel free to contact our expert Nook Customer Service anytime, anywhere.

Like any other digital devices NOOK HD also undergoes so many technical errors and needs some troubleshooting. In this blog we are providing some basic Troubleshooting techniques for your NOOK HD. Let’s begin the troubleshooting procedure of your NOOK HD device.

Nook HD Won’t Turn On

In this situation you can not boot up your device or can’t even do anything by pressing any button or sliding the screen left and right or up and down. To fix this issue and for different factors do the following.

The battery may be depleted from electricity absolutely. Attach your Nook with the power adapter and the 30-pin cable that came with the system to a wall socket. A maximum fee is charged for Nook HD 3-4 hours.

The battery can not be accurately mounted. Disable the battery and reinstall. The back-plate should be removed and then battery detached.

Purchase a new battery and install it in your device. 

Black Lines or Frozen Pixels on your Nook HD Display

In this situation your device screen behaves abnormally and shows black lines or frozen pixels on it. To fix the different causes behind it follow the below mentioned steps:

Try a soft reset with the power button holding down for a minimum of 20 seconds and then release the button. Hold the power button for 2 seconds to enable the device once the device is turned off. 

When there are signs of a physical malfunction on the computer, such as a failure, it will be repaired manually.

Nook HD Wont Charge

In this issue, your device faces a shortage of charge or even zero charge due to its reduced capacity of holding any charge. Let us fix the issue causing these errors.

The battery charge management program can be mis-calibrated. The computer will reset if the battery is replaced until the Nook is attached to the power supply.

The device is damaged or unplugged. First try reinstalling the battery and you need to replace the battery if it doesn’t work.

The issue leads to the jammed or unresponsive buttons of your Nook HDD, those are unable to perform anything due to their not moving nature.

Press the power button and hold it down for at least 20 seconds and release it. Hold the power button for 2 seconds to enable the device once the device is turned off.

Fix Jammed Or Non Aligned Buttons

Consult our Nook technical support executive for the guide for fixing the broken or jammed button manually. In order to rearrange the button, the device will have to be removed.

Hopefully the above mentioned tips and tricks will help you to fix your issues shortly. In case of any trouble don’t hesitate to contact our Nook Customer Service Phone Number.