Many users get “missing a token” error message when they attempt to transfer using Adobe Digital Editions to my NOOK Simple Touch that is connected with a USB cable. The error is quite simple to fix with the help of an advanced Nook Customer Service. For your ease and better utilization of your Nook device, we have gathered some valuable solutions or fixes to resolve this issue with minimum efforts.

To view your Adobe eBook(s), you should install the latest version of Adobe Digital Editions first. This link will enable you for the download and installation of Adobe Digital Editions: 


We also suggest that the association of ACSM files be properly built. To do this, please take the following steps:

For Windows XP:

If Windows Vista or 7 is available on your PC:

For a Mac:

If the steps mentioned above do not work: then the following steps can solve this problem. Usually, this error message shows that the Nook was not properly authorized. The following steps can solve this problem.

Confirm the right authorization of Adobe Digital Editions:

Restore the nook ADE folder:

Hopefully, by following the above-mentioned steps in the given sequence, you will surely be able to fix the issue of token error messages on your Nook Simple Touch. Besides this, if you still require any help from a Nook professional, feel free to contact our toll-free Nook Customer Service Number anytime.