To keep your Nook device long-running, it’s important to properly take care of it. If there is an issue with your device such as Nook won’t turn on or unresponsive behavior of your Nook, you must fix it first. If you can’t fix your Nook device with yourself then contact responsible and effective support for Nook. The touch screen is a highly sensitive and important part of your Nook device. There are so many tips and precautions you should follow for maintaining your Nook Screen for the long run.

Keep It At A Dry Place: Don’t take the NOOK with you into the steam room or into a thunderstorm. Place coffee cups and bowls clearly away from your device. A single drop of water can ruin the tablet.

Keep It Cool: Avoid placing your Nook eReader in a closed car when it is summer heat and in the winter never place it on the radiator. 

Although the NOOK is fairly sturdy, re-using it isn’t smart. Do not place it in the back pocket or use it for the promotion of a rocking seat. For three valid purposes, you can keep your touchscreen clean:

Try to keep your hands clean; don’t go out and change the oil in your car and then swipe your fingers across the touchscreen. Clean up first. Also, consider buying a little home for your NOOK. A carrying case or sleeve can help protect and keep it clean.

Here’s how to clean the touchscreen:

If you will take care of your Nook touch screen with the above-mentioned tips and tricks, then you can keep your device up and running for many years. If you need any kind of suggestion then feel free to contact our Nook Technical Support.