Though Nook is a wonderful eReader device, it still becomes unresponsive many times. There are so many reasons behind such behavior of your device. To operate it correctly you must try to fix its issues. An unresponsive Nook has an on-screen stuck image issue or a frozen screen issue. It may be unable to turn off. It may have unresponsive Nook buttons or touch screen commands. It may be unresponsive even after you completely charge it.

In most of the cases, when you do not use it for longer weeks without charging it, then it does not get powered on. Sometimes due to any major issue with its battery leaves it to be unresponsive for your commands. You can not read your favorite books with a non responding Nook device. Hence complete the following steps to fix you not working Nook and make it work again.

How To Reset Your Nook Device

If your Nook freezes, crashes, or does not function consistently, the recovery may help to fix the issue. The main challenge is a soft reset or restores, such that the Nook restarts without losing all of the data saved. There is also a hard reset that will restore your Nook settings, still, save your content and records. When you are trying to sell the Nook or to render a serious program error, you can have to restart the factory or restore the computer to factory settings. Such a reboot will delete all your Nook.

A hard reset is distinct from a factory reset as the contents and details will not erase the Nook entirely. The following situations are just recommended:

The above we have provided some very easy and handy tips and tricks to make your Nook responsive and back to work again. Use them carefully and make your Nook effectively work.