Kobo Won’t Turn On

Kobo is one of the most popular eReader tablets. It brings many features and utilities to the most book lovers and opens endless opportunities for the readers. You can browse the single category consumer preferences on the Kobo tab and start your reading journey. Kobo eReader makes your reading more convenient. All is possible when your Kobo is in proper working condition. If your Kobo tablet is facing some kind of operational error, we at Tab Support Help provide you the best Kobo Customer Service.

Kobo Won’t turn on is the most common issue many Kobo eReaders have encountered when reading their favorite books on it. When you are reading something interesting and suddenly your Kobo eReader goes shut down and won’t open again, or suddenly your Kobo screen goes black and then won’t respond properly. Nothing to get worried about for a minute too. Just contact Kobo Customer Support Phone Number and we will help you to fix your Kobo in no time.

Factors, You Should Consider During The Troubleshooting Of Your Won’t Opening Kobo eReader

  • The first and foremost factor or element is the battery of your Kobo device. If the battery of your device has a low charging level then it suddenly turns off your eReader tablet and doesn’t allow it to launch its home screen until it gets charged to a certain level.
  • Next is the physical condition of your Kobo eReader. It means if the battery is loosened, broken or burnt then it will not support your device operations.
  • Sometimes Kobo Clara screen frozen on a blank screen also causes the same issue. It can be due to the low processing of the device or the bad condition of the Kobo screen in terms of cleanliness and maintenance.
  • Sometimes not using your Kobo eReaders for a long time without charging its batteries weakens the performance of your Kobo eReaders. After so long when you suddenly want to open it again, it couldn’t due to the zero charging levels.
Troubleshooting Your Kobo eReader

Troubleshooting A Not Opening Kobo With Our Kobo Tech Support

It doesn’t matter which Kobo model or generation you are owning. Tab Support Help offers you immediate assistance for every Kobo issue for each Kobo model. Our Kobo Support Canada team is capable of realizing the real facts and root causes behind the occurrence of any failure. Our technicians are masters of resolving the problems within some minutes. With our highly customer-oriented team, you can attempt the following fixes effectively for your device.

  • If you have extra buttons on your Kobo eReader, such as a Kobo Click or a Home button below the click-screen, then push the button to see if your Kobo is answering.
  • Glide the Power switch to the right and keep holding it for 15 seconds. This will turn your Kobo eReader off. It is helpful when Kobo is stuck with a black screen.
  • Plug your Kobo eReader via the USB cord into a power outlet. You can also connect it with your laptop too. If your Kobo eReader’s screen lights up then it’s okay, otherwise, your Kobo is likely to be low in battery power and need a recharge.
  • Sometimes you need to attempt a factory reset when no method works appropriately with your device. A Factory Reset would return your eReader to its initial factory state with the side effect of removing all of your settings and erasing all of your device’s ebooks. Make sure to keep a copy of all your eBooks until a factory reset is done.
  • In the conditions of hardware damage like device charger, battery, screen, etc, take your device to the nearest Kobo service center.
Kobo Won’t connect to WiFi

Contact Kobo Customer Service Phone Number

If you have some issues with your Kobo eReader app, our Kobo tech support team at Tab Support Help is always ready to help you. If you are unsure regarding aid areas, let me make it simple, by calling Kobo Support, you can address any queries related to your Kobo’s health. Users can ask how to reset the Kobo device for Factory default settings and much more they are facing with your wonderful Kobo eReader device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why My Kobo Won’t Turn On?

Your Kobo won’t turn on due to low battery, damaged battery, screen frozen issue or sometimes other hardware issues.

How To Fix A Kobo Not Opening?

In order to fix a not opening Kobo, charge its battery, try a soft reset and then factory reset. If you are using your device after a long time then allow it charging for 3-4 years and then try to turn it on.

How Do I Factory A Reset On My Kobo eReader Device?

Head to the Home page. Click on. Menu icon above the screen. Tap Setups. Tap Details on the Kobo tab. Under Advanced, hit Restore Factory. Now press Reset.

What Is The Device Criteria Of Tab Help Support For Troubleshooting?

Tab Support Help is a third party technical services provider for all kinds of eReader tablets like Kobo, Nook, and Kindle. Our exclusive service range covers the troubleshooting of all eReader tablet models.