Kobo Won’t connect to WiFi

The Kobo eReader is one of the latest reading platforms in the market today and is built to make it simpler for the comfort of customers. This is an e-book reader or e-reader primarily designed for reading digital books and publications. Our Kobo Customer Support would help you to know how the Kobo eReader should connect to your Wi-Fi network. Finding and connecting to the network are the most popular WiFi problems. Sometimes losing your network password or using the wrong credentials of your Wireless source creates trouble while connecting to a WiFi network.

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How To Fix Kobo Won’t Connect To WiFi?

1.) Verify that you are within network coverage.
2.) Test to connect the network.
3.) Connect the eReader to the Network manually.
4.) Verify it suits the router and is set to 2,4 GHz. Kobo eReaders will only connect to 2.4 GHz WiFi networks.
5.) Turning WiFi off and back on, also fixes a WiFi problem.
6.) Use the correct network credentials to connect with your WiFi.

Connecting Your Kobo eReader To A WiFi Network

Using WiFi to connect to your eReader, check the Kobo website, and attach your Kobo eReader to the internet.

What you really need is Wireless Network connectivity.

1.) Return to the Home page.
2.) At the top of the screen, press the Sync button.
3.) Tap on to the Sync now.
4.) Your eReader is actively seeking to associate with WiFi. This may require some time.
5.) Now you have to choose your WiFi network.
6.) Tap the Network name you want to use. When there is a Lock icon next to a network, a password will need to access the network.
7.) If a network password is asked to you, use the keyboard to type in the password and then press Enter.
8.) To show what you are doing, you should press Show Password.

How To Check The WiFi Status On Your Kobo eReader?

Test the WiFi status icon at the top of the computer to see whether you are in contact with the internet.

Different WiFi status represents different WiFi network conditions.

1.) To preserve battery power, WiFi is on standby.
2.) WiFi inactivated.
3.) The WiFi connectivity is fairly fine.
4.) You have a really strong WiFi connection.

To display the WiFi status symbol, you might need to sync your eReader to WiFi.

1.) Move to the Home page.
2.) At the top of the screen, press the Sync button.
3.) Now tap on Sync Now.
4.) The WiFi status icon pops up at the top of the Kobo screen.

Turning WiFi Off On Your Kobo eReader

1.) Switch to the Kobo Home page.
2.) Touch the WiFi icon at your Kobo screen’s end.
3.) Click the Sync button at the top of the device if you do not see the WiFi button then press Sync now. Tap the WiFi button that appears at the top of the device display.
4.) Click the icon in the circle next to WiFi: Enabled. To Cancel Sync, select Yes to proceed further. The eReader does no longer have connections to the internet.

Kobo Won’t connect to WiFi

Contact Kobo Customer Service Phone Number

Kobo also offers its mobile app for handling eBooks that you buy or access. If you feel some trouble then please contact Kobo Customer Support Phone Number +1-888-887-0947. To keep your Kobo eReader error-free you should take the service from the best Kobo tech help team of Tab Support Help. We also provide all Kobo users with a software guide to find Full Directions on all Kobo eReaders versions. Get 24*7 live assistance from our trusted Kobo Help Canada and fix your Kobo not connecting to WiFi error permanently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Kobo Not Connecting To WiFi?

It can be due to inserting the wrong WiFi password or disabled WiFi option. Sometimes when your Kobo battery levels are very poor then also your Kobo can’t connect to WiFi.

How Do I Fix My Kobo Not Connecting To WiFi?

Turn your device WiFi connectivity off and then again turn it On. Reset and restart your WiFi network setup. Use the correct credentials for setting up the proper WiFi connectivity. If nothing works then attempt a factory reset on your Kobo eReader device and then try to connect it with the prospective WiFi network.

Which Problems I Can Suffer From My Kobo eReader During Poor WiFi Connectivity?

Due to poor WiFi connectivity, you will not be able to access online books and their downloading. Even you can not get the latest updates of your device account. Neither you can update your device software nor you can use it for the reading of new books.

I Am Using The Correct WiFi Credentials. Still, My Kobo eReader Is Not Connecting To My WiFi Network. Why?

It can be due to the poor WiFi signals and the interference’s placed between the device and the network. Also if the Airplane mode of your Kobo eReader tab is on then also you will not be able to connect with your WiFi network.