Kindle won't turn on

Kindle won’t turn on is one of the most critical issues which Kindle device users usually face. In this issue, users can’t power on or use their Kindle Fire HD. If you want to fix this issue, you will have to check for a few things and fix these issues if you find any problem. In this blog, we have told you about the main factors responsible for the kindle won’t turn on issue and how we can fix this issue by using some simple methods.

Reasons behind Kindle won’t Turn On the problem

If your Kindle is not turning on, it’s probably because of the below-mentioned issues:

  • Your kindle not getting a proper power supply.
  • Either your kindle charger or charging slot is not working.
  • Problems with the internal hardware of your kindle.
  • Your kindle might be having some damaged or corrupted files

Why My kindle paperwhite won't turn on?

  1. Kindle won’t get power from the power source

Many times, your Kindle device does not get a sufficient power supply from the power source while charging. That is why it doesn’t charge well or charge very slowly and won’t turn on.

  1. Old or overheating battery issues

An old or overheating kindle battery loses its capacity to hold the charge for longer times. That is why your kindle loses its battery fast and thus does not turn on.

  1. Kindle’s charging slot issues

Sometimes, a defective or faulty kindle charging slot stops your kindle from charging and that is why it does not power on.

  1. Latest software and firmware not installed

If you don’t update the software or firmware of your Kindle to the latest version. Then, it will affect its battery capacity and stop your kindle e-reader from turning on.

  1. Corrupt or damaged files on your kindle

Sometimes, a few corrupt or damaged files on your kindle prevent your kindle from turning on.

Now we will see the best solutions that will fix the kindle paperwhite won’t turn issue from your kindle device.

Kindle wont turn on

Step by step guide to fix kindle won't turn on issue

Attempt these fixes all together until you can turn on your Fire tablet:

  1. Connect your kindle to the power source via charger and leave it for at least 30-40 minutes. Try to turn it on after that.
  2. Check your kindle charger, and always use the charger that is compatible with your kindle fire device. If it’s not, then, you can use any other charger, and cable that works perfectly with your Kindle Fire tablets. kindle fire tablet can be easily charged after connecting it to your computer’s USB slot.
  3. Try another power socket to charge your kindle. Your current charging socket might not be working, changing the power socket might help.
  4. Abstain from charging a Fire tablet in too hot or too cold places, it could harm your kindle device’s battery.
  5. You can easily soft reset your kindle fire tablet by pushing down and keeping its power button pressed for at least 30-40 seconds and leave it. After that, the charging indicator will turn on upon your Kindle within a few seconds. This will lead your kindle to reboot.
  6. Replace the battery of your kindle fire tablet. Amazon doesn’t provide separate batteries for their gadgets. But, you can buy its compatible batteries from the market.
  7. Contact Kindle Tech Support, if all troubleshooting techniques got failed in turning your kindle on.
kindle fire not turning on

We are sure that all these troubleshooting factors will help you in troubleshooting the kindle won’t turn on issue very easily. If you are unable to turn on your fire tablet even after trying all of this. Then, you can contact kindle help experts regarding it and they will provide you the best assistance after check for the root cause of this issue. If you want to know about anything else, then, you can go through our other blogs & get information about it.