One of the key reasons I chose my Nook was thanks to its connectivity with Overdrive, the ebook service my library subscribed to. Borrowing a book and placing it on your Nook is really simple, but it’s not intuitive so I’m creating this one. You may need to download and install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to your device to continue. Overdrive on your Nook is utilizing Adobe Digital Editions to handle the ownership of multimedia assets. You may also need to build a free Adobe account (the installer prompts you for this) that will allow you to open approved files on up to five computers with the same ADE account.

While building an Adobe account, you have to do so with the same email address and password as on your Nook, which I guess is always the same as your Barnes and Noble account. They say that if you use another email, you can have difficulty authorizing your books.

Steps to Put Library Books from Overdrive on your Nook

In this blog, we have gathered all the necessary information that will help you to put library books from the overdrive app for Nook. Let us discuss one by one.

Check out your Overdrive book Using whatever method you use to sign in to the Overdrive website in your library

Signing in would make the process quicker after you determine which book you want. If you have located the book you want to loan out, click on the “Borrow” tab. The period of time you borrow will be set in your Settings field. It’s possible the library program would give you some choices. This will bring you into your Book-shelf. You’ll likely have the option to pick the format in your Bookshelf when you press Download.

Overdrive On Your Nook

Download and Open in Adobe Digital Editions

Click the preview button on your bookshelf to access a file that will be used by Adobe Digital Editions to launch the specific ebook. You can transfer the file to your device, but for Adobe Digital Formats, since this is not the original ebook so you won’t use it anymore, you may always opt to download it. Adobe Digital Editions installs and opens the individual ebook on the computer. To go back to the library page, click on the Library icon. Here is where you are going to move the book to your nook. Your library can appear either as a collection of titles or as photos, based on which choice you toggle to the upper right.

Move the ebook to your Nook

If your Nook is not attached to your device yet, use the USB cord to link and turn it on. It will appear on your Library list of Adobe Digital Versions. A poster states that just leave and restart ADE when you plugin and switch on your Nook and it doesn’t end up in ADE. Double test that your Nook is on before reopening ADE, and show the USB contact panel. When you don’t see anything and then display standard Nook displays, the Nook has been removed so you’ll need to unplug and re-plug anything back.

The Nook Color can appear in ADE as “Media” instead of “Nook.” Now press the book you want to add to your Nook and move it to your Nook icon. Clicking on the Nook button would also display up as being in the library in your Nook. It is relatively clear until you get the hang of it. Check out, print, move and drop, and voila, read your book on your Nook!

Return the ebook from your Nook and computer

After the borrowing time is finished the library book will expire so you will no longer view it on the Nook. However, if you decide to borrow the ebook until the lending time is finished, just because you can search out more, or even if you want other people to have access to the ebook, you can always borrow it exactly like you would a normal book. It’s easy to get back into Adobe Digital Editions, but it has to be managed from your Nook and your device. Second, plugin and turn your Nook on. To access your Nook ebook collection, click on the icon in Adobe Digital Formats. In the top-left corner of the title image, click on the little arrow and pick “Return Borrowed Item”.

If the book is out, press the Adobe Digital Editions bookshelf on “All Items,” select the book, and reverse the return method. When you use Overdrive on the website of your library, the book will not be on the bookshelf anymore either. If so, go back to Adobe Digital Formats to search for copies of your book onto each of the bookshelves.

In this way, you can quickly put library books from overdrive on your Nook. If you find any trouble during the whole process, you can contact our Nook tech support anytime for the best assistance and troubleshooting your overdrive for the Nook issue.