Your Library shows all of your previous transactions and free samples and has apps for you to quickly and easily access your materials. At any time, you can browse your Nook Library by logging in on, your Nook Reading App, or your Nook smartphone. To access your Nook Library, please log in to My Nook account. Tap the Navigation Menu to reach your catalog, and choose My Library option. Sometimes your Nook won’t download new books. Hence you can neither access any new book nor even download that in your Nook library for further reading. This is a very disappointing situation for any Nook user. In order to get complete access to your Nook books and download them into your Nook library, we are providing some specific tricks and techniques to help you out from this situation in this blog. There might be several technical and other issues behind this trouble. Let us have a look at them and their solutions.

Easy Tips To Fix Nook Book Not Showing Up In The Library

Refresh Your Nook Library

If the new books are not showing or downloading in your Nook library, then refreshing the device library can make the books visible. To refresh your Nook library:

  • To enter the “Quick Navigation Bar” click the NOOK button at the front of your screen.
  • Select Library.
  • Tap on the sync icon (two curved arrows creating a circle) found in the bottom left corner of the device in the Library window.
Nook Wont Download New Books

After synchronizing your Library, the next time it will launch easily, any new book you have downloaded before.

Check App Version and WiFi Connectivity

If your Nook isn’t on the most up-to-date version of the app, you may encounter trouble purchasing and installing your Nook stuff. Check your version of the app and access the upgrade script, if required. Second, check that your device has Wi-Fi connectivity. To access the Nook product, an internet connection is needed.

Review Payment Process

Confirm that because it might have the credit card saved to your account is active or expired. If it is outdated then please change your account credit card details, and attempt to access your books again. To download your content you should save a current credit card to your account.

Refresh and Manage Your Nook Library Content

If you still have difficulty with a particular eBook, reset the title by either archiving and un-archiving it or transferring it to the cloud and then re-download it to your device. The method you use depends on which device you need to view the code. When you have several profiles built on your NOOK, you might not have links to the book you are attempting to open the profile you are using.

How to Download Books to Nook

It is the best way to read Nook books because Nook has its own eReader. The comprehensive measures below.

  • Launch your Nook eReader and sign in with data for your own Nook account.
  • Go to the library, then tap the cover of the book to add books from Nook to your account. After installing the books the software icon would disappear. Your books would be downloaded to your Nook eReader, but books downloaded from Nook via Nook eReader are covered, so you can’t locate them.

You can also attempt Soft and Hard reset on your Nook device, in order to remove Nook, won’t download new books error. Together with Nook eReader, you can also download Nook eBooks for other Nook app compatible devices. During the whole process of New book downloading with Nook, if you face any problem at any stage you can directly contact our Nook Tech Support team for the desired help.