Kindle Frozen

Kindle frozen issue comes among the most common issues on kindle fire tablets. In this issue, your kindle screen freezes completely and does not allow you to do anything on it. If you stuck in the same problem? Then, don’t worry, we will tell you the best and easiest way to fix the kindle frozen issue on your kindle fire. Screen frozen issue on your kindle complicates the whole reading session and gives you a bad user experience. If your kindle is frozen, Then, there could be multiple factors responsible behind it. You can see all of them below.

  • Your kindle processor is taking more load than its memory and capacity.
  • The processor is getting a low power supply from its battery than required.
  • Users trying to access too many websites using the wifi network on their kindle.
  • Kindle firmware not updated to the latest version.
  • Your kindle fire is not capable to execute the tasks you are trying to do through it.
  • Low Battery levels on your kindle.

How to fix frozen kindle?

These techniques will allow you to fix the kindle screen frozen problem quickly.

  1. Reset your Kindle fire Device

If your kindle screen keeps freezing, Then, you can reset your kindle to the factory defaults to fix this issue by pressing and keeping the power and volume down button for a few seconds.

  1. Charge or replace your Kindle battery

Kindle battery running out is also an important factor behind the kindle frozen issue on the lock screen. The kindle fire won’t turn on aside if you don’t charge it.

  • Associate the kindle e-reader gadget to your computer system, wait for at least 30 minutes and let it charge before switching it on.
  • In case the kindle does not turn on then go for resetting it once again.
  • If the kindle frozen issue is not fixed even after this. Then, your kindle might have a damaged or non-working charging connection.
  • Try to Charge your Kindle using a different micro USB cable.

The damaged battery could be another reason responsible for the kindle frozen problem. To solve that issue, you need to add a new battery to the device.

  1. Broken Kindle

In case, if your kindle is neither resetting nor restoring to the factory settings. Then, you have to check its hardware. If it’s broken or needs replacement.

  1. Restart your Kindle fire
  • If you haven’t restarted your kindle for a few months, then you have to restart your kindle for eliminating the kindle keyboard frozen error from it.
  • You must hold the power key to reboot your Kindle.
  • Subsequently, select the reboot option on the display to restart your kindle device after pressing the power button.
  • If your kindle screen has frozen partially and not able to get restart. Then, you have to press & keep the power key on hold for at least 40 seconds. After that, the device will restart.
Kindle frozen

How do I Fix kindle paperwhite frozen?

Press and keep the start button on hold for 40 seconds. It will your reboot your kindle.  Sometimes, A corrupt E-book can also lead your e-book to freeze . If you see a kindle paperwhite frozen issue while downloading or opening an E-book. Then, it’s occurring because of a damaged ebook. Try deleting that specific E-book for fixing this issue.

  • Visit the home screen.
  • Choose the book you want to remove.
  • Select the remove option.
  • Tap on the “Remove from Device” or “Delete This Sample” option (for tests).
  • This will delete trouble-making samples or ebooks from kindle.
  • Afterward, press and keep the power key on hold for 45 seconds to restart the kindle.
Kindle fire unlocking

Kindle Software update

  • Simply, go to the Home screen of the Kindle fire.
  • Tap on the Settings tab under the menu icon.
  • Afterward, choose to “update the kindle” option.
  • If the update option seems inactive, then it means that your kindle is updated with the latest updates and versions.
  • If you haven’t installed the latest software updates, then you can access those updates.
  • Choose the “Ok” option to fix the kindle frozen issue.
  • Kindle will restart on its own after the software update finishes.

In case you are still facing issues while operating kindle then simply connect with us for setting down the problems under the vision of highly advanced kindle help experts.