Your Barnes & Noble Nook e-book reader boasts a touchscreen that helps you to “switch” book pages, pick menus, and even access your social networking profiles with a quick tap or swipe. It can avoid reacting to your touch when the Nook touch screen malfunctions. Some Nook models can even malfunction when falling, or when scratching the device. Various Nook screen problems include frozen or unresponsive Nook screen, back-line on Nook screen when turning the page of a book, etc. These errors can be due to the low battery conditions, the broken or damaged touch screen of your Nook, a good amount of dirt and dust accumulated on the Nook screen, outdated firmware, non-supporting format of an ebook, shortage of storage memory and much more.

Nook Tablet Troubleshooting: Fix Black Lines on Nook Screen

According to many users, black lines appearing on the Nook screen prohibits people from using their eReader properly. The settings or symbols tend to be blurry and the tablet hard to work. But you don’t have to panic as we are providing you some excellent Nook tablet troubleshooting tips to fix the problem here.

Eject and Reinstall the Battery

Barnes & Noble indicates that if the battery is exhausted badly, or the device is left idle for a long period without charging, the Nook can become unresponsive or show black lines on the screen. If this occurs, then the battery can not allow a charge. Taking the Nook apart and momentarily removing the battery helps the system to reset. To uninstall the Nook you would require a jeweler or Philips-head type 0 or 00 screwdrivers. If the battery is drained, keep down the power button to give a final shutdown order for 45 to 60 seconds. Reinsert the battery after 10 to 15 minutes, reassemble the Nook and charge the unit again.

Facing Issues With Your Nook Screen

Wipe Out the Dirty Screen of Your Nook Tablet

A dirty screen is a growing cause for the black line issue in your Nook since it can damage the screen. Hence you should periodically wash the glass to keep debris, grime, and oil from piling up from your fingertips. Wait until the computer goes dark to clean the Nook, then scrub the panel with a smooth, lint-free cloth. Dampen the cloth with a bit of water as appropriate. Avoid using some form of chemicals to clean the glass, as chemicals may seep within the Nook, causing harm.

Replace Damaged Screen If Your Nook Has

When you drop or split the Nook panel, you may assume you ought to return the Nook for repair to Barnes & Noble. However, if the Nook is out of service, the fix possibly would cost you. However, if you’re at peace with removing the Nook, you should fix the cracked panel yourself. Through repairing the computer, you’ll save money and time waiting for Barnes & Noble to return you with the fixed unit. Buy a new computer online and check for instructions to remove your current Nook. The Nook opening would cancel the warranties.

Fix Nook GlowLight Problem

GlowLight’s Nook Simple Touch has inside a lamp that obscures the device for low-light viewing. If the display is damaged, it can reveal flickering spots. Such marks are only apparent when the light is switched on, so the impact can’t normally be detected with your fingertips unless the scratches are extensive. If this fits your question, send in your Nook for repair or replacement. Shield your Nook panel with a waterproof case for preventing scratching in the future.

Keep Your Nook Full Charge

Make sure to keep your Nook eReader fully charged. A good amount of charge will help your device to keep running in good condition. The above steps are highly effective in troubleshooting the non-responding and black lines issues in your Nook device. If there is any problem, you are facing during the execution of the above problem-fixing methods, you can head to our expert Nook Tech Support any time you need. We welcome every Nook user and assure the guaranteed solutions for their problems.