Kindle won't connect to wifi

We have seen many Kindle users complaining about the wifi connectivity issues on their kindle device. These issues are critical for a kindle device, as in these issues your kindle won’t connect to wifi or discover it. Due to this, it does not connect to the internet, sync with the cloud, or access the Kindle Store. Many reasons could restrain Kindle Fire HD or HDX from connecting to the open Wi-Fi network.

If your kindle is not connecting to wifi, then you can restart it by pressing and holding its power button until it shows you a restart option. After that, you can tap on the “restart” option to start it over again.

After the restart, you can try to connect your Kindle to wifi again. If, it’s still not associating with the internet.  Then you can follow the steps below to fix this wifi connectivity issue on your kindle.

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Step by step guide to fix kindle won’t connect to wifi issue

Different kindle variants have different strategies to fix WiFi connectivity issues. That is why we have given some universal and best methods to fix the Kindle won’t connect to the internet issue.

  1. Restart the kindle

Firstly, you have to restart your Kindle Fire tablet by holding its power button for around 6 seconds and releasing it after that. Once it’s fully restarted, you can try to reconnect it to the WiFi if your kindle is linking to the wifi or not.

  1. Update the software & firmware of your kindle

You can also remove the wifi connectivity errors from your kindle by updating its software & firmware. Kindle fire device allows you to manually check the updates and install them.

  • Click on the menu option available on the home screen of your kindle.
  • Now, click on the “Settings” option and open its menu.
  • After that, snap on the “update your kindle” option.
  • Tap down on the “ok” button to start the Kindle software update.
  • Now, your kindle will start updating its software & firmware.
  1. Resetting the Router

You can change the IP address of the router to static IP rather than DHCP. You can do that by switching off the router and deleting every DHCP record from the internet. Resetting the Router is the easiest way of removing the kindle won’t connect to wifi error.

  1. Factory Line Reset

A kindle reset will only remove data, caches, or cookies from your device. After you factory reset your kindle, everything will be erased from your kindle. After completing the factory reset you can check whether kindle won’t connect to the wifi problem solved or not.

  1. Check Network Quality

Kindle is not the only one that could experience Wi-Fi faults. Sometimes, this issue is also associated with a Wi-Fi network as well. Sometimes, Kindle devices specifically operate with a 3G WiFi network. You must confirm the  Network Availability before proceeding with anything else.

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kindle won't connect to wifi

Fix Kindle wifi Authentication problem

Step by step guide To Fix The Kindle Authentication Failed issue

  • Turn the Airplane Mode On and Off as switching between the Airplane mode helps you in fixing the kindle authentication problem.
  • You can go to the “Settings” option on your kindle fire device to turn on the airplane mode and turn it off after a few seconds. This will allow your Kindle to re-connect with the wifi network.

Restarting Router

  • An adaptable router restart can help in fixing the Authentication issue. You can unplug the router for two or three minutes and attach it back and let it reboot.
  • After that, you can restart your Kindle Fire device by pressing and holding its power button for a few seconds.
  • Snap on the Power button of your kindle again to select the wifi network.
  • Touch on the “Forget” password option and enter the “password” of your router to connect your Kindle to wifi.

Use Authentication Key instead of a password

  • Sometimes, you use a password but not an authentication key while facing the Kindle WiFi authentication Problem.
  • Utilize the wifi key in digits instead of the security key to solve that issue.

Other ways to fix Kindle wifi authentication problem

  • You can Reset your wifi router to the factory defaults to solve the Kindle Fire Authentication issue. After restoring your wifi router to the defaults, you can configure your wifi network again. It will also solve the kindle wifi authentication issue.
  • Change or move your wifi router configuration from b/g/n to g bandwidth standards.
  • Check your router for updates & update its firmware if any available. The out of date firmware on the router could also raise the Kindle wifi issues.

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Kindle fire authentication problem

Kindle DHCP error

You can easily solve the kindle fire DHCP error by following the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Try changing IP type to Static

  • Open the settings
  • Afterward, choose Wifi
  • Press and hold the Wi-Fi network with which the kindle connects.
  • Pick Modify Network
  • Move down and choose “Show advanced options”.
  • Choose “Set IP settings to Static”.
  • Write down your IP address beneath the IP address tab.
  • Afterward, input the IP address in the search field.
  • Type gateway IP in the gateway field
  • Input following address:
  • 37.37
  • 37.37.39
  • Tap on the “save” option for saving changes.

Afterward, begin restarting the kindle. Once the restart gets completed, connect the Kindle with the same Wi-Fi network. Hence, check whether this technique help in solving the DHCP error kindle fire or kindle won’t connect to wifi issue, etc.

  1. Forgetting Wifi Network

Sometimes trying to forget and reconnecting the Wi-Fi network allows removing temporary errors from the network or device easily.

  • Visit the settings section on your kindle.
  • Choose Wi-Fi settings.
  • Furthermore, press and hold the Wifi Network for choosing the “forget” option.
  • Scan and try to connect again with Wifi Network.
  1. Updating Kindle Fire

You must assure that kindle connects with Wifi Network properly.

  • Open Settings.
  • Choose Device Options.
  • Afterward, Pick System Update.
  • Select the check button for searching for any pending update.
  • Choose for downloading and installing any updates.

At last, even if updating kindle to the latest software has not solved DHCP Error Kindle fire then problem taking place with the router.

  1. Troubleshooting Wifi Router:

You have to follow the steps mentioned below for troubleshooting the Wi-Fi router properly.

  • Turn On the Router.
  • Remove ethernet and power cable from Wifi Router.
  • Stop using the router for a few minutes.
  • Plug-in the cables and turn on the router.
  • Hold on for few minutes until LED lights don’t stop to blink.
  • Connect Kindle fire to Wifi Network.

Hence, if doing a power cycle does not solve your problem then go for resetting the router properly.

  1. Resetting Wifi Router

Once you completed the process to reset the wifi router. Everything will get removed from the network device shortly.

  • Make use of a paperclip or any sharp tool.
  • Press the reset key on the backside of the router.
  • The router will begin to reboot once the reset completes.
  • Keep resetting key on hold until LED does not start to blink.
  • The router will reboot once the reset gets complete.
  • Configure the router and connect the kindle device.

This has seen that resetting the Wi-Fi router always helps in removing DHCP Error kindle fire easily.

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Kindle DHCP error

WiFi issues in Amazon Kindle Fire tablet make a huge amount of trouble. If none of the strategies above are helping you to fix this fault. Then, you can partner with our kindle help support experts & showcase your worries via live chat options and settle the concerned issues.

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