The e-book reader for Barnes & Noble Nook is fitted with a touchscreen that helps you to “switch” book titles, render menu items, and even access the social networking profiles with a fingertip or press. It may stop responding to your touch if your touchscreen fails or Malfunctioning Touch Screen error. Some models in the Nook could also work out if the screen is dropped or scratched. Follow the below-mentioned steps to troubleshoot the defective screen of your Nook eReader. Also, you can take help from an expert Nook Support.

Fix the Dirt Accumulation on Nook Screen

A dirty screen is a popular trigger for failure, as stated in the Nook Color User Guide. Barnes & Noble recommends regularly cleaning the screen to prevent dirt, grime and oil from finger accumulation. Wake the display to dark and then wipe it with a soft, lint-free cloth to clean the Nook. Dampen the tissue with a little water if required. To clean the glass, avoid the use of any chemical because chemicals can enter the nook and lead to damage.

Remove the Defective Battery

Barnes & Noble says that if the nook becomes seriously depleted or the system becomes left idle without charging for a long period, it may become unresponsive. If so, a charge may not be accepted by the battery. The elimination of the Nook enables the system to reset momentarily. To dismantle the Nook you will need a jeweler or Philips head size 0 or 00. Keep down the power button for 45 to 60 seconds to give a final shutdown order until you have replaced the plug. Restore the battery, rub the nook again, and charge the device after 10 to 15 minutes. Note that your guarantee may be void of this procedure. 

Fix Nook GlowLight Issues

GlowLight’s Nook Simple Touch has inside a lamp that illuminates the screen for low-light reading. Glowing spots can be seen on the screen when scratched. The spots are visible only when the lamp is activated and the damage with the fingers can normally not be felt if the scratches are not very deep. You would need to take your Nook in to fix or remove it if this fits your problem. Shield your Nook screen with a scratch protection case in the future. 

Change or Replace the Defective Screen with the New One

You might think that you need to send Barnes & Noble the device for repair if you break or crack your Nook screen. However, the patch is likely to cost you if the Nook is out of guarantee. However, you can replace the broken screen yourself if you’re comfortable with dismantling the Nook. You save money and time by removing the computer, waiting for Barnes & Noble to return your fixed unit. Buy a new online screen and seek instructions to replace the model of your Nook. You will negate the promise by opening the Nook. 

If the above-mentioned methods are failed and the problem is still there, immediately dial the Nook Customer Service Phone Number on your mobile and follow the instructions as the professional technician suggests you.