The Kindle Fire has become the prime choice of the end-users as it confers a pleasing and comfortable reading experience to them. As you opt for these devices, you can read the book and magazine of your choice, from the comfort of your bed. At times, the users of this gadget come across a set of issues and it is a must to troubleshoot them to enjoy a unique reading experience. Here are some of the most common issues, encountered by Kindle Fire and tips to resolve them:

Issues with Start-Up

According to a bunch of Kindle Fire users, they found certain issues such as screen got frozen or at times, kindle fire authentication problem, the device won’t turn at all. Here are the steps; you need to follow for getting rid of the issue:

  • You need to hold the Kindle Fire’s power button for 20 seconds for rebooting it. After this, you need to press on the power button of the device so that you can turn it on. It will help remove the glitches that caused the issue.
  • Again, you need to tap on the power button of the device for at least 20 seconds, till the gadget gets turned off completely. Now, you require plugging in the charger after which you need to click on the power button for turning it once again. In case the charge has gone empty, you need to leave it for almost an hour after which you need to turn it back on.

Internal errors have occurred

At times, end users get a message such as internal error has occurred, as they try to get access to certain apps. In this stage, you can opt for the below-mentioned solutions:

  • At first, you need to tap on the power button of the device for at least 20 seconds after which you need to turn it on.
  • Here, you require turning the internet router of the device off for some time and then you need to turn it back so that you can remove any sort of network connectivity problems. You should ensure that the time and date are correct on the device. For this, you need to swipe down the device from the upper part of the screen and go to More. Here, you will find Date and Time.
Having Trouble With Your Kindle Fire Device
  • You need to find the specific application which is not loading by the swiping of it from the upper part of the screen. Now, you need to select Installed Applications, which is present under Applications in More. As you have found out the application, you need to Force Stop and Clear Data.
  • If you want to de-register the Kindle Fire HD, you need to navigate to More after which you need to go to My Account. Now, select Deregister.

Can’t connect to PC

At times, users find they are facing a hard time while connecting the device to the laptop or computer. As they try to move the files from one certain location to the other, you will get a message that the gadget has been disconnected or it has stopped responding. Also, you might find that the device is not appearing on the computer in the form of a drive. To get rid of the problem, you need to go through the below step:

  • In the first step, you need to turn the Kindle Fire and laptop off for a few seconds. After this, you need to reset them off again for connecting it again.
  • You can consider using another USB cable or plugging the cable in another USB port.
  • You can also make use of apps such as Dropbox for the transfer of files to the computer from the Kindle Fire.

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