The latest Amazon Kindle Oasis has modified the way we all learn and combines things again. The days of broad textbooks in lecture halls are gone, so you have been looking forward to a second case of novels on your weekends. This is a whole library that you need to charge per month and you can carry it with you just in your wallet or handbag anywhere you want. You can also join a healthy conversation with an expert Kindle Support executive and learn more about your device and Kindle tips in detail.

Your Kindle can do much more than simply download Amazon books. You may submit documents, exchange books, play secret games, etc. The Kindle provides a number of more advantages, as well as essentially removing the conventional paper books, which you may never think about. 

1. Highlighting The Text For Making the Revision Easy

You may highlight and exchange text, or render a later bookmark. Click and hold the term where the spotlight is to be released, move and drop the finger to the edge. Options should come up for your text. If you tap on the highlight option, you can bookmark the text for later.

2. Use Your Kindle as An iPod

Thinking to download the new designs from Kindle? Good, this means that you are able to listen to audio-books or use an e-reader as an iPod replacement, as well as to have several hidden features your most up-to – date contemporaries are missing. This one isn’t for you, Sorry Oasis members. Having an earlier model with built-in headset or speaker, you’ll need a Pre-Paperwhite Kindle. You can pick audio in the library and find a means of soothing when giving your eyes a break after you’ve downloaded an audio-book or transferred any of your tracks by connecting to your Laptop. 

3. Playing The Secret Games

There are secret free games on Kindles Now, whether you have an older Kindle with a physical keyboard. Upon keeping Alt+Shift+M in the home screen, Minesweeper will light up. Keep the G-key and GoMoku shows up when you get Minesweeper.

4. With Each Turn Get A Clean Page

E-ink displays like your Kindle are outstanding for showing simple text and graphics without much control. But they’ve not built Kindle apps over the last 10 years, so even after a page change, ghosted text can always linger like a vague echo in the context of the tablet. However, that may not have to be the case. In comparison to the 6 turns norm Amazon offers a page refresh alternative that cleans the computer entirely each time you change the page. You will allow this in Settings > reading options > reload your screen, and whilst you may assume that this would give your battery life a little bit of a boost while providing a smoother, crisper reader experience.

5. Converting the Various Documents for Kindle

It is a wonderful thing when you email documents to your Kindle, but most paper documents are too little or too large to read on a Kindle unless you convert it into a Kindle format. You can easily convert documents to Kindle (.azw) with a single simple move when you submit documents to your Kindle by using your Submit-to-Kindle Username. Write “convert” in your email subject line, and as it enters the email address, the message will be transformed.

Hence you can do a lot of things on your amazing Kindle device. If you want to know such more facts about your lovely tiny gadget, please contact our Kindle Troubleshooting helpline.